Feb 26 I took Rosco walk hunting at fort Chaffee. He made 10 trees I saw 5 and I killed 5. 

Me, Hal, and Jim hunted Fort Chaffee for 2 1/2 hours and we made 12 trees, saw 4 and killed 4. We hunted Rosco and Duke. 

This is Rosco and Lia after a good hunt on 1-29-11. Andrew is on the left wearing a wig! LOL! and I am on the right. 













This is me and Rosco after a 2 1/2 hr hunt in January 2011.

Dixie made 7 trees and I killed 6 squirrels in 1 hr 15 minutes. I walk hunted her in December 2010.
















































This was after a good hunt with my friend James Lybrand in 2009. 

This was after a hunt on Fort Chaffee in 2010. 

This is Dixie with her first squirrel. She was 6 months old. I was hunting in Heber Springs in November 2009.

Rosco after a morning hunt at the foot of Poteau Mtn. in 2010.

I got this coon and squirrel by my house on Rock Creek in 2009.

Rosco with a coon he got on Fort Chaffee in 2009.

This my dad Lannie and Rosco after a hunt in the hollers up at Heber Springs in 2008.

This is my nephew Andrew and Rosco after a hunt at Lake Winona WMA in 2008.

Rosco after a hunt in the Ouachita National Forest in 2010.