Rosco was born November 5, 2006. He treed his first wild squirrel at 7 months old and he has never looked back. He is a hard hunting squirrel dog. He uses his eyes, ears, and nose to tree.  He is easy to handle and is very friendly. He has sired a few litters of pups and the ones that are truly hunted have turned into squirrel dogs.


Rosco is up for stud to approved females.










Sire---Galla Creek GW Carver                                                





                                                                                       Sire---SQ CH McAndrews Clyde

                                       Sire---McAndrews Martin

                                                                      Dam---McAndrews Babe

Dam---Galla Creek Bandito Spook

                                                                      Sire---McAndrews Dusty

                                       Dam---SQ CH McAndrews Dummy

                                                                      Dam---McAndrews Sally